Month: September 2012

In Ashes

This work of flash fiction was published on The Magnificent Nose on September 15, 2012, as part of their second Flash Fiction Week. The theme of the week was “Lack of Communication”. I was privileged to have my customary Friday spot.

Leslie Gray, a stout burn unit nurse, peered through her reading glasses at a business card, then up at the thin, young man, then back to the business card which revealed the various modes of communication for one James E. Silas, Esquire.

“Well, you can go in, but don’t expect much.” Fluorescent lights reflected off the bright counter surface and onto Ms. Gray’s glasses, making it difficult to see her eyes. “Old Mrs. Long hasn’t said a word since the fire three weeks ago. Took her husband, you know.”


Ten Years

This article is an epilogue to a series discussing the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

My story of 9/11 is much like many other peoples’: another story of people at work, punched in the stomach by horrible intent, scared but finding solidarity among their friends and colleagues.

But this story is one of separation. (more…)

Human Accounting

This story was originally published on Magnificent Nose for their first Flash Fiction Week. Each story had to be 300 words and include 3 characters.

Russ grabbed his brother, spun him around and hugged him. Under his breath he said, “Thank God you’re okay.”

A reluctant breeze swayed the yellowed, ruffled kitchen curtains and cigarette smoke swirled around the dingy room.

Russ then pushed Jackson back and slugged him. Jackson flew back, knocking over the kitchen table. Mother’s crystal salt and pepper shakers skidded under the pie chest. (more…)